By engaging with legislators and regulators on both a state and federal level, we are able to directly shape the future of the financial services industry.

The mission of the LPL Government Relations team is to support our employees, financial professionals, and investors by developing and advocating positions on issues affecting the delivery of ​personalized financial guidance and advice. We do this through engagement with elected officials so they can hear our position on policies that affect independent financial professionals.


Federal Government Relations — LPL engages directly with members of Congress to build and maintain relationships with key policy makers and to ensure that our interests are fairly represented. We work to develop strong relationships with our representatives to proactively establish LPL as a thought leader on issues affecting our business.

State Government Relations  LPL engages directly with state regulators and legislators to build and maintain relationships, help shape policy, and serve as a partner. We work with affiliated financial professionals on state matters to assist with the success of their practice.

Regulatory Policy ​ LPL identifies and monitors regulatory proposals important to our business. We partner with trade associations and work to advance our positions in their comment letters, white papers, and other constructive communications with regulators and congress.

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