LPL 50-State Advocacy Network

A dependable network of “go to” advisors and employees in all 50 states.​

The LPL 50 State Network will

Leverage the grassroots strength of our financial advisors and employees in all 50 states to:

1. Develop and maintain relationships with federal legislators and state-level policy makers to ensure we receive information on potential changes to legislation and regulations that affect our business; 

2. Serve as a resource to policymakers by providing first-hand local knowledge about issues impacting the financial services industry; 

3. Benefit the financial services industry as a whole by serving as a “force multiplier” – providing accurate first-hand knowledge and proactively collaborating with policymakers to support the development of thoughtful law and regulation; and 

4. Facilitate the active engagement of our financial advisors and employees and enable them to make a difference.

Role of a Network Ambassador

Network ambassadors and their engagements will include:

Building relationships with federal and state legislators and regulators on behalf of LPL - working in coordination with the LPL Government Relations team.

Serving as ‘boots on the ground’ in their respective home states to help track issues and communicate positions that matter most.

Collaborating with the LPL Government Relations team to activate grassroots advocacy efforts when necessary.


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